Dar Es Salaam Street Map Poster


Whether you are from Dar Es Salaam or you enjoyed a great trip to the place, you will enjoy having one of these Dar Es Salaam poster prints in your home. It is a wall map piece that features a modern art style that comes with a number of details.

This street map features markings of all the roads and major bodies of water all around Dar Es Salaam. This décor product features thousands of street lines and several bodies of water both big and small. Look all around to find your favorite landmarks around the city as you follow the highways, waterways and even rail or mass transit system lines. The poster will remind you of the many beautiful things that you will see all around the city.

Order one of these wall map gifts for your home or business as a great reminder of such an amazing place. This is perfect for natives of Dar Es Salaam, people who have visited the area and even those who had a wedding or honeymoon out here.

Dar Es Salaam street map gifts display the fishing villages that helped make this city in Tanzania into the beautiful modern space it is today. The Village Museum is on display while the National Museum can be found around the streets of this busy city. Look for the train tracks among the many roads on this map art print.

The amazing forests and grasslands of Tanzania are home to many beautiful exotic animals. We feel our map art designs make for a gift that is just as intriguing as what’s in the wild.

*The print comes in a tube without a frame or matte.  Please select your size and color from the drop down menu and then click Add to Cart to order

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