Addis Ababa Map Throw Pillow


Your love for Addis Ababa stands out above all else. Take a look at the great decorative options that we have with our Addis Ababa throw pillow products. Each pillow features a great and detailed map of the city. Each model is soft and easy to display anywhere with a fine modern art design all the way through. We have put in a great amount of detail into each pillow we sell to highlight a unique look that features a beautiful style all the way through to create a great style.

Each pillow is designed with a detailed listing of the roads around the Addis Ababa. Our black and white Addis Ababa map pillow designs come with a full street map with thicker roads symbolizing major highways and other throughways. Dark spots are used to symbolize the bodies of water all around. This is a unique way for you to show your love for Addis Ababa as it brings a bit of the city to your home.

Addis Ababa street map patterns show one of the oldest cities in the world come to life. This part of Ethiopia is home to many noteworthy sites including many prehistoric dig sites. Look for the open spaces around your map art print to find a number of these important archeological sites.

The streets that move around Ethiopia have greatly inspired our gift products. Each map art piece highlights the many roads of the country and its lakes all around the middle.

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