Map Pillow Ideas

If you’re having trouble finding the right type of pillow for your bedroom or living room, you’re not alone.  When looking for a designer throw pillow to try to tie together all of the other colors and design elements in the room, you can go crazy trying to find that perfect color or print to match everything else. A well placed pillow can add the extra warmth, texture and comfort needed for the perfect design in your living room or bedroom. The good/bad news is that there is a plethora of pillow types you could use for a number of applications at home, and map pillows is one of them – so we’re here to help!

map pillow

With map pillows, you not only get high quality designed pillows for your home, but also you get awesome elements of décor, which you could use to enhance the décor of you living room. This is done by pairing the map pillows with other elements in the room so that they complement the beauty of the space or create a new focal point on your couch or bed.

About the Map Pillows

If you have a soft spot for maps, love to travel, or you are an avid fan of history, then you will enjoy having an accent map pillow in your home. The pillows are printed on 100% polyester and hand cut and sewn in the USA, using UltraChrome ink for the best quality. The pillows are not only beautiful, but also fingerprint resistant, and they can also be enjoyed as throw pillows or bedroom pillows.

Types of Map Pillows

For the sake of your convenience and also to increase the versatility of the application of the map pillows, we’ve created two different sizes of pillows so that you don’t have to worry about one not fitting your décor.  They are:

Rectangular throw pillows– Rectangular throw pillows are ideal for the end of your bed by the headboard or even as a main pillow that you might use. They also work well for the center of couches as well as for larger chairs. These rectangular style pillows can take up more horizontal area so they look good for cities that have a lot of orientation east/west and showcase the look of various cities and streets with their unique art configurations.

Square throw pillows– square throw pillows are ideal for cities that have more urban sprawl all over. These throw pillows make the perfect accessory for smaller chairs, couches or for collecting on your bed. These type of pillow covers can be mixed and matched to create unique looks or used as a single throw pillow to add a dash of unique art to a couch or chair. Square throw pillows can include some of the same scenes and they match very well on all types of traditional furniture.

Why Use Map Pillows

There are quite a number of reasons why you should consider using map pillows.  Instead of buying a traditionally patterned pillow, these create a sense of nostalgia for a city, beach, or area that makes it a true conversation piece. Maps are not just beautiful for decorations, but some can have dear memories about some of the places in those maps.  By including map pillows in your home decor, they will always relive the warm and great memories they you have about different places.

pittsburgh map pillow

Map pillows are ideal for accentuating the interior décor of different rooms in your home. Whether it is at the bedroom or in the living room, there are lots of creative ways one can use with the pillows to ensure that you create very unique, but welcoming looks. For instance, when used with appropriate furniture such as sofa or couches in the living room, the map pillows can add to the interior décor of the room by complementing the beauty of the seats as well as the décor on the walls.

Finally, the other reason why most people find map pillows attractive is that they are relatively affordable. Despite the fact that they are printed, cut, and sewn here in America, and available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs, you won’t have to spend a fortune when purchasing. It implies that if you needed great pillows and you were on budget, our map pillows would be an ideal choice.

Decorator Tips for Throw Pillows

The mere fact of getting the best street pillows or map pillows is not sufficient to make you get the most from them when you finally arrive with them at home. It is imperative for you to learn how and where to use them appropriately and to give you more insights, here are a few decorator tips if you want to enjoy the most, in terms of comfort and décor from the map pillows-:

Choose the sizes appropriately – Standard square map pillows will fit in well in sofas with standard dimensions. Oversize pillows on the other hand may create a feeling of casualness when used in such seats, but they will work well with modern sofas with low backs.

Consider different maps – You may have fallen in love with the map of Africa, but you will be doing yourself a great injustice if all your map pillows will be about Africa. Consider mixing different kinds of maps to create versatility and give some life to your pillow arrangements.

Always use an odd number of map pillows – As far as design is concerned, odd numbers are considered to be artful.  Depending on the size of your furniture, try using odd number of map pillows such as three, five, one, seven etc.

Think about addressing the whole room – For more creativity with the map pillows, think about addressing the whole room. For instance, you don’t have to have matching colors or designs of pillows in all the furniture in room. For pillows in the living room, you should think of them as a group, and that collection of map pillows on the sofa should complement the pillow on the chair. This will bring in the diversity and the contrast needed to make the pillows stand out and lead to an awesome arrangement.