What You Need To Know About Our Map iPhone Cases

Whether you’re looking for a way to foster the durability of your phone or a uniquely designed case that will make your phone chic and attractive, you are in the right place. Most smartphones are not engineered to withstand stair falls or nicks. Map phone cases not only give your phone ultimate protection from accidental falls but they also make your phone adorable and unique. These cases have been designed with innovative map styles to suit your lifestyle. What makes our map iPhone cases exceptional is their robust construction that is accompanied by a smooth design. Some features of map phone cases are outlined below.

map phone case

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a phone case you can seamlessly take on and off in no time, then these cases are worth a try. They’ve been constructed to fit the shape of your phone ensuring it offers protection for all the ports (earphones port & charging port). The case will not hinder in any way the normal functioning of your phone. The firm yet supple thermoplastic sides allow you to remove the case whenever you want.  Flip phone map cases are able to trigger ‘sleep’ and ‘wake’ modes in your phone depending on the situation.

Sleek Design

Luxury and fashion are what’s behind the construction of our phone cases. You can choose between tough and slim cases depending on what fits well for you but both designs give impeccable protection to your phone. The part protecting the smartphone screen is smooth to prevent scratches. Smartphone cases here are silky and designed with your interest at hand.

ny map phone case

Solid Construction

What else can intrigue the most other than a case that can shield dirt, oils, scratches and most importantly accidental falls from scathing your posh iPhone 6? The cases are made with the tested touch hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material. The edges are made with additional layers to cushion your phone from getting damaged on the corners. To reinforce the capabilities of these materials, a 5-mm raised bezel protects the screen and camera from scratches.

Printed in the USA

Today, we are so concerned of counterfeits coming from the east (China) that we’ve to check an item properly before settling for it. Our map phone cases are made and printed in the USA, so you’ve nothing to worry about. The cases are drab as the graphics are UV-printed onto the case for a naturalistic vintage look.

How to Select the Right Map Phone Case for Your iPhone

Cases for iPhone 6 won’t fit iPhone 7 phones, so you’ll have to choose the case that matches your smartphone. Select the map of a city, country or even the continent you like and make an order. We can customize any map to suit your interests.

3 map phone cases

What amount of protection do you need? If your day-to-day tasks involve situations that make your phone susceptible to scratches and falls, go for one of our toughest cases. 

 Makes a Great Gift

Having a tough time finding the perfect gift for the person that has everything?  Get them a map phone case from one of their favorite cities!  It can be their hometown, the place they fell in love, the place they got married, their favorite vacation destination, and so much more!  They'll love having that nostalgia in their pocket and seeing their favorite city every time they pull their phone out of their pocket.

Map phone cases present a newer way of showcasing your inner self. They are sentimental and makes you proud whenever you pull out your phone out of the pocket. Browse through the various cases above and choose the one that goes well with your aesthetics.